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    Intel? Select Solutions

    Intel? Select Solutions

    Designed, tested, and verified for optimized performance, Intel? Select Solutions supports and accelerates workloads across compute, network, and storage.



    Get the solutions you need, verified by the experts

    Developed from collaboration with industry providers in solutions, data centers, and services, Intel Select Solutions take the guesswork out of compatibility with software and hardware stacks tailored to specific workloads.


    In today's complex data center, hardware and software infrastructure is not one size fits all. Intel Select Solutions eliminates the guesswork for you.

    Verified performance

    Solution providers must meet or exceed Intel's stack requirements and benchmark performance threshold. 

    Tailored solutions

    Address your organization's challenges and support your most demanding applications, including artificial intelligence and network transformation. 

    Easy deployment

    These solutions help accelerate your infrastructure deployment on Intel Xeon? processors for today's critical workloads. 

    Primed for business

    For enterprise data centers modernizing to take advantage of the era of advanced analytics, speed up your data-fueled, IT-driven business transformation with the hybrid cloud and future-ready storage from Intel? Select Solutions. 

    Tuned network enhancements

    We offer a fast and efficient deployment path to reliable infrastructure with configurations that take full advantage of a 5G-enabled future to support new and emerging customer workload demands. 

    Accelerated time to insight

    For research in academia and government as well as the enterprises, High Performance Computing capabilities with Intel? Select Solutions help push the limits of mainstream data today with deeper insights and more complex problem solving. 

    How it works

    Ready-to-use Server Solution


    You need a ready-to-use server solution that fits your company's needs. 

    Ready-to-deploy Intel? Select Solution


    Choose an optimized, ready-to-deploy Intel Select Solution based on your workload needs. 

    Infrastructure Implementation


    We'll work with you through deployment to implement an infrastructure without losing time.  

    Product solutions



    Intel Select Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack

    Deploy a hybrid cloud with all-flash performance on optimized infrastructure based on Azure Stack.


    Telco and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

    Transform your network end to end. Deploy networks faster, reduce costs, and scale endlessly with NFV.


    We have the capabilities to deliver any cloud solution you need. Whether it's private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, customized to turnkey, Lenovo delivers transformative products and professional services to cover it all.

    Database solutions

    Harness rapid technology growth to collect rising amounts of data, extract insights and support high rate online transactions.


    Your needs are specific, and our expert consultants and technicians can meet them with their extensive industry experience and deep technical knowledge

    Solutions Services

    Solution Services

    Design the best strategy for your enterprise. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your unique business needs.

    Implementation Services

    Implementation Services

    Accelerate your time to productivity. We'll help you streamline implementation of new technologies so you can focus on your business. 

    Support services

    Support Services

    Safeguard your IT investment. Our experts are standing by to help, around the world and around the clock - 24/7/365.

    Truscale Infrastructure Services

    TruScale Infrastructure Services

    Enhance your ability to scale your IT hardware, software and support capabilities as your rapidly changing infrastructure needs evolve.

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